Mr. Deleon Demonstrates Harai O-goshi on Mr Ross
Mr Ross Flies.
Mr. Ross Lands ever so gently
Between Seminar visits
Dr. Darrell Ross recieving 3rd Dan Taiho certification.
Justin Watchendorf and Mr. Werner
Kowoondong Anderson Leading class in moving
Class working Ground techniques
Mr. Deleon demonstrating Ground techniques
Mr. Selinski throws Ms. Hooser
Nice Kick Mr Ross
Mr. Bastian and Mr. Edelstien partner up.
Mr. Werner is the target for Kowoondong Anderson
Kicking drills
More kicking drills
Ground throws presided over by Kowoondong Anderson
Kowoondong Anderson demonstrates more throws
Mr. Legris arm bars Mr. Wachtendorf.
Young Mr. Ye demonstrates violin to Kowoondong Anderson, who himself is a concert violinist.
A meeting of the instructors minds
Ms Hooser feels the pressure.
Mr. Locke give Mr. Legris the pressure.
Mr. Husband working with Mr. Kuras
Kowoondong and Mr. Kuras Demonstrating.
Kowoondong demonstrating body crashing.
Kowoondong explaining defenses against kicking.
Kowoondong explains hand positions
Mr. Deleon demonstrates a hold on Mr. Wachtendorf.
Mr. Kuras demonstrates a lock
Mr. Deleon Seionagi's Mr. Ross
Mr. Ross loves to fly.
Mr. Ross loves to fly again.
Awards ceremony begins.
Mr. Wachtendorf recieves Taiho Certification.
Mr Rigdon recieves Taiho Certification.
Mr McCarty recieves Taiho Certification.
Mr. Legris recieves Taiho Certification and 1st Black Belt in Jujitstu
Kowoondong lectures more to the class.
Mr Edelstien avoids Mr. Wachtendorf punch
Mr. Wachtendorf grounds Mr. Edelstien because of it.
Young Mr Ye takes on Mr Deleon.
Ms Hooser punches at Shihan Kuras.
Kowoondong demonstrates more take downs.
Young Mr. Ye and Mr. Deleon keep up the work
Young Mr. Ye and Mr. Deleon continue
Hanshi Vance Demonstrates moves on Mr. Edelstein
Continued demonstration
Mr McCarty kicks low.
Shihan Kuras kicks a low backstance
Ms. Hooser in control
Kowoondong does more lecture
Shihan Kuras demonstrates Ashi barai
Mr. Deleon demonstrates throw
Kowoondong Anderson final lecture
Thank you Kowoondong Anderson for coming and parting you knowledge.
Mr. Ben Deleon for your participation in teaching us and your continued support.
Mr. Lance Werner for you continued support and instruction.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024