This is pictures for the three day seminar in 2009 Kowoondong Anderson held in Macomb, IL in March 2009. Thanks goes out to the instructors that came along to participate and help.

  • Kowoondong George Anderson
  • Shihan Ben Deleon
  • Shihan Lance Wiemer

001 Mr Anderson Start jujitsu Lecture

002 Mr Buchen in arm bar from Kowoondong pt 1

003 Mr Buchen in arm bar from Kowoondong pt 2

004 Kowoondong relaxing with Labarbara

005 Control the opponent thats the name of the game

006 Mr Buchnen controlled by Kowoondong using Gi

007 Shihan Deleon controls Mr Buchen

008 Kowoondong lectures Kid class

009 Mr Keeran attacks with a Club

010 Mr Keeran attacks with a Club different angle

011 Club vs stick

012 Palm heel on Shihan Wiemer while grabbin Kowoondong

013 Mr Buchen has to punch Kowoondong for Bassai application

015 Kowoondong instructs class on proper kicking

016 Kowoondong sets up the drills for the class using a few students

016 Mr Buchen throws and opponent

017 Class practices kicking

017 Kowoondong demonstrate forearm attack

018 Shihan Kuras works drill on Mr Vance

019 Kowoondong gives Mr Keeran the pressure

020 Shihan Wiemer and Mr Odewald practicing the kicking drill

021 Mr Fecht demonstrate a good situp with a chair

022 Mr. Buchen works the kicking drills

023 Shihan Deleon getting Mr Buchen ready for ride

024 Mr Buchens ride nearly complete

025 Mr Buchen demonstrates a jump kick on Mr Keeran

026 Mr Watchendor and Mr Keeran living hams

029 Shihan Deleon controls Shihan Wiemer with Ground control

030 Mr LaBarbara learns to fly

035 Mr Husband Recieves 5th dan Karate

036 Mr Keeran recieves his 3r dan Korean Karate

037 Mr Buchen recieves 2nd Dan Jujitsu

038 Some of the Seminar Participants

039 Left to right Shihan Ed Kuras.. Kowoondong George Anderson.. Shihan Lance Wiemer... Shihan Ben Deleon

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